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Shellz Orb NFT (Sold Out OpenSea Drops Collection) Signs With The Emmy-nominated Umbrella Academy Producers Jason and Jamie Neese

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Shellz Orb NFT (Sold Out OpenSea Drops Collection) Signs With The Emmy-nominated Umbrella Academy Producers Jason and Jamie Neese

February 07
04:37 2023

Palo Alto, CA – Feb 6, 2023 – The ShellzOrb NFT collection has recently signed with the Emmy-nominated Co-Executive Producers of the #1 Netflix hit show, Umbrella Academy, Jason, and Jamie Neese to kickstart the production of a new animation series that will tie in art and Web3 innovation. Jason and Jamie Neese have a long-standing career in writing and producing for the film and television industry in Hollywood and have been the architects behind the Shellz Orb lore.

In a recent community call, the Project Director, Jamieson Hill, confirmed that the team is working on the first animated pilot episode to pitch to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other top broadcasters. Besides working on the animated series, the team has taken the first steps toward creating a comic book based on the main Shellz Orb characters.

As revealed by the team, one of the highlights of the collection will be represented by the use of AI technology to integrate animation to Web3 and create a seamless experience for the global users.  Shellz Orb plans to use AI to smoothly transition between English and other foreign languages when dubbing, so that the AI can mimic the voice of specific actors regardless of the spoken language. This function will make the process of dubbing faster than ever before, and will ensure voice consistency across different languages, creating a more immersive experience for the public.

Furthermore, the collection grants IP benefits to holders as they will be able to use the Shellz Orb IP to build businesses around or directly related to the main company. As Jamieson Hill said, “all holders have non-exclusive, fully revocable IP rights, and trademark rights [..] essentially decentralizing brand building.”  

Similarly, Shellz Orb holders get voting rights on proposals submitted to the OrbStach DAO, which is being funded by 25% of OpenSea royalties. The fund will be used to support the community when using the Shellz Orb IP, and help the company and its community create multiple income streams for sustainable growth.

About Shellz Orb

Shellz Orb is a visual storytelling NFT collection on a mission to create a long-standing brand that can be seamlessly assimilated into popular art culture. The collection is one of the few to have partnered with OpenSea Drops, selling out a public sale in 3 minutes, January 31st, 2023, and covers human like evolved turtle characters that are designed to be integral parts of the lore and play a key role in the Shellz Orb narrative.

About Jason and Jamie Neese

Jason and Jamie Neese are two accomplished film producers, writers, directors and brothers with an extensive background in the film and television industry.

Jason Neese has directed and co-produced over 15 Shows and TV Series, worked as an Executive Producer, Co-Producer and writer for Films and TV Shows such as : The Umbrella Academy, UnReal, Dear White People, Cruel Summer, Resident Alien & The Gnome.

Jamie Neese has worked as an Executive Producer and Co-Producer for shows like: The Umbrella Academy, Thirtynothing, Gone & Deputy.

During his extensive career he wrote and directed several short films broadcasted on Channel 5 France, Channel 4 England, and Canal Plus Spain. Jamie is also the winner of numerous awards and was named a Top 10 Director Finalist for the third season of Project Greenlight, a highly competitive filmmaking contest sponsored by Miramax Films, Bravo and produced by Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Chris Moore.


To stay up to date with the latest developments, keep an eye on social media on the following:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShellzOrb

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shellzorb/

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