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Fundraiser for Tara and Her Little Girl – Help The Mother and Daughter Duo Find Shelter and Security

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Fundraiser for Tara and Her Little Girl – Help The Mother and Daughter Duo Find Shelter and Security

April 01
14:56 2023
The local fundraiser aims to secure a home for Tara and her child following a traumatic experience.

“Help Tara and her daughter Get Off the Streets” is a fundraiser set up by Tara, a brave single mom struggling against all odds to secure a safe home for herself and her five-year-old daughter.

Tara’s life took a devastating turn when she was brutally attacked in her own home while her daughter was at school. After being beaten and stabbed multiple times, she fought for her life. Eventually, Tara managed to escape by jumping from the second-story balcony of her apartment, dislocating her foot in the process.

Since then, Tara has undergone multiple surgeries to reconstruct her foot and stomach while also receiving skin grafting. After two months of incapacitating recovery, Tara could finally walk again. Unfortunately, this terrifying ordeal led to losing their home as she was unable to keep up with expenses.

Tara and her daughter found temporary refuge with relatives but faced emotional turmoil due to the mental abuse they endured. Left with no choice but to prioritize their well-being, they began living in their car – an unbearable situation that has made saving for a stable home nearly impossible.

As Tara continues working tirelessly to provide a better life for her daughter, she hopes that this fundraiser will be the turning point in their journey to more stable, secure living conditions.

The netizens have taken notice of Tara’s plight. They are stepping up to help by donating to her family fundraiser, hoping to raise enough funds for a down payment on an apartment or even an RV. This solution would significantly reduce living expenses. However, only a small fraction of the required goal of $11,111 has been achieved, which means the small family of mother and daughter still has a huge way to go.

Those willing to contribute with love and support can find more information about how to donate by visiting the GoFundMe page. These kind gestures will undoubtedly significantly impact Tara and her daughter’s lives.

Netizens are hoping that this remarkable story of resilience and hope will touch more and more people’s hearts and inspire them to join the efforts in helping Tara and her precious daughter find their way back to security, comfort, and a brighter future.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Tara Callegari
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: gofund.me/5a5b3289

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