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TAYYTV addresses the pain points of film and television marketing by building a three-way win-win ecosystem.

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TAYYTV addresses the pain points of film and television marketing by building a three-way win-win ecosystem.

May 11
20:53 2023

In recent years, with the rapid development of the internet and mobile internet, the film and television marketing market has faced numerous challenges and pain points. Traditional film marketing models have struggled to meet market demands, with audiences becoming increasingly difficult to engage, resulting in diminished marketing effectiveness. Additionally, film production companies face issues such as high production costs and difficulties in measuring promotional outcomes.

To tackle these challenges, TAYYTV FILM MEDIA CO., LTD, a renowned European film marketing company, has put forth a fresh film marketing solution. As the most powerful and promising comprehensive entertainment group in Europe, with its headquarters based in London, the company is committed to utilizing efficient production, distribution, and marketing channels to provide comprehensive services for film companies, including film release, distribution, and promotion. TAYYTV strictly adheres to anti-money laundering regulations and regulatory requirements of the countries and regions it operates in. In October 2022, they successfully obtained the FinCEN MSB license in the United States, laying a solid foundation for global expansion.

TAYYTV’s solution transforms viewers into “beneficiaries,” allowing them to participate in film and television marketing and earn corresponding benefits. Additionally, the platform provides comprehensive data monitoring and analysis functionalities, enabling film production companies to gain clear insights into key data such as promotional effectiveness and return on investment, thus optimizing their marketing strategies.

TAYYTV’s solution achieves a win-win situation for users, clients, and the platform. Specifically, the platform integrates users’ viewing preferences with clients’ promotional needs to provide more efficient and valuable services to both parties. Simultaneously, the platform creates more business opportunities and room for development for itself.

First and foremost, for users, TAYYTV offers a more personalized viewing experience, allowing users to discover film and television works that align with their preferences through the platform. Furthermore, the promotional content on the platform is carefully selected, ensuring that users are not overwhelmed or excessively interrupted.

Furthermore, for clients, TAYYTV offers more precise promotional services. Through the analysis and processing of user behavioral data, the platform achieves accurate audience targeting, providing clients with more valuable promotional services. Additionally, the platform offers comprehensive and detailed data analysis and feedback to clients, assisting them in understanding promotional effectiveness and optimizing their strategies.

Lastly, for the platform itself, TAYYTV creates more business opportunities and room for development by integrating the needs of users and clients. The platform can generate increased commercial revenue by offering additional services to clients. Moreover, through the analysis and processing of user data, the platform can enhance user experience and service content, attracting more users and establishing a stronger foundation for its own growth.

Recently, an increasing number of film production companies. Leveraging the solutions and services provided by the TAYYTV platform, these companies have achieved enhanced brand promotion and marketing effectiveness. These partnerships have not only brought TAYYTV more business opportunities and room for development but have also injected fresh vitality and sparked innovation in the entire film marketing market.

In the future, TAYYTV will continue to dedicate itself to providing high-quality services that ensure a win-win situation for users, clients, and the platform through continuous technological advancements and service upgrades. Additionally, TAYYTV will further expand its market presence, forge new partnerships, and broaden its client base, injecting more vigor and driving force into the development of the film marketing market as a whole.

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