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Earning in Web3, Social, Games, Trading cryptocurrency, All in Bitverse

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Earning in Web3, Social, Games, Trading cryptocurrency, All in Bitverse

June 02
18:24 2023

What is Bitverse?

Bitverse is a web3 wallet that is based on MPC technology, non-custody, multi-chain, and decentralized. Featuring security, easy-to-use, and fully Web2 user-experience, it greatly reduces the threshold for users to enter the Web3 world. In the first beta version, we have obtained 50000+ users and 100000+ wallet addresses.

 Bitverse wallet advantages: security+simple

Security First – secure multi party computing without complete private key, and no single point signature risk

Bitverse uses MPC multi-party computing to generate wallet private key shards in a distributed manner, with the advantages of multiple signatures, eliminating traditional mnemonics phase and addressing the issues of wallet single point private key storage and single point signature risks. Wallet assets are always in a secure state. Users have absolute control over wallet assets and 100% privacy protection. Bitverse never touches user assets.

Convenience – Explore Web3 with Web2 user experience

Bitverse’s original secret key partition management system, based on cryptography principles, zero-knowledge proof, TEE trusted execution environment, multiple security authentication and encryption mechanism, providing secure and reliable wallet backup and recovery functions, helping users manage their wallets safely and conveniently. And it provides a platform independent wallet backup and recovery mechanism, ensuring the security of user assets even when Bitverse is down.

 MPC+AA – account abstraction, lower gas fee, paying gas fee without using parent blockchain token

The Bitverse team is developing an AA account abstraction wallet that can use non parent blockchain token to pay gas fees, e.g. using USDT to pay gas fees for Ethereum. The MPC+AA wallet will bring the best user experience and the lowest gas cost.

Compatibility – Compatible with traditional seed phrases wallets

Bitverse also supports single signed wallets with the traditional seed phrases currently used by Web3 users to meet the needs of different users for wallet, and also enable new Web3 users to use encrypted wallets at zero cost.

Explore Web3 with Bitverse

1. Bitverse not only provides users with a simple, easy-to-use, and secure encrypted wallet, but also provides users with one-stop Web3 financial management, earning stable returns, one-stop cross chain investment, the shortest and most convenient path, and the best returns;

2. In the NFT section, aggregate the mainstream NFT market, provide users with a one-stop decentralized NFT platform, and support convenient transactions across chains and platforms;

3. In terms of user experience, to serve individual or project needs, provide random or fair collection mechanisms for air drop tools. Users can give away or airdrop tokens or NFTs at any time, making on-chain trading experience fast, convenient, and more ceremonial;

4. Bitverse is developing a lucky draw tool to reward leads of target portraits with tokens, NFTs, special props, and other rewards from collaborating brands, achieving cross diversion of users from different projects within the ecosystem.

Bitverse Partners

Bybit&BitDAO: Support projects to attract users within the blockchain industry through the Bybit&BitDAO ecosystem.

Web2 leisure mobile game: Collaborating closely with the top 3 leisure game developers on the best-selling list in the United States, it will attract a large number of Web2 game attribute users to enter crypto world.

Blockchain innovation platform Teleport: Collaborating with Teleport to innovate social guessing gameplay dApp, users participate in earning bonuses, creating and sharing commissions to make the C-end more active and the B-end more prosperous.

Web3 information platform: Built in with the cutting-edge Web3 creator economy platform – Followin, dedicated to accelerating the collection and distribution efficiency of high-quality blockchain news and information.

Bitverse provides customized SDKs for partners to facilitate the creation and use of Bitverse wallets within collaborative projects, providing friendly support for Web2 projects entering Web3 and achieve mutual success.

A Web3 product that understand aesthetics and value user experience – Bitverse

Bitverse not only solves the basic threshold for users to enter Web3, but also strives to make Web3 product applications more seamless and close to the Web2 experience. Bitverse has won the 2023 iF Design Award, organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Germany. It is the oldest and most significant design competition in history, known as the Oscars in the design industry. The winning works hereby:


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