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Krokit Club: A Pioneering Platform For Global Entrepreneurs And Executives Launches Today

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Krokit Club: A Pioneering Platform For Global Entrepreneurs And Executives Launches Today

June 06
02:15 2023

June 6, 2023 – In an era that beckons for increased international collaboration and entrepreneurship, a new global nexus of business leadership is born: Krokit Club.

Krokit Club, a premier association for the world’s leading entrepreneurs and executives, officially launches today with a mission to foster a vibrant international community and provide unrivaled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and professional development. The Club presents an exclusive platform where the world’s brightest business minds will meet to share ideas, foster innovation, and explore new avenues of collaboration.

Aptly named ‘Krokit’, a metaphorical representation of the kinetic energy that drives the entrepreneurial spirit, the Club aims to create a conduit for inspiration, mentorship, and groundbreaking entrepreneurship on a global scale. Krokit Club is about movement, progress, and the collective power of the business community to create positive change.

Co-founders Maria Santiago, a renowned entrepreneur, and John Thompson, a veteran corporate executive, envision Krokit Club as a gathering place for forward-thinking individuals who are not just shaping their companies, but are also shaping the global business landscape.

“The world today needs more collaboration, more sharing of wisdom, more cross-pollination of ideas,” says Santiago. “Krokit Club provides a unique setting for this fusion of knowledge to take place, a melting pot for international entrepreneurs and executives.”

Krokit Club offers its members exclusive access to a suite of benefits such as thought leadership events, high-profile speaker series, opportunities for investment and strategic partnerships, access to research and market intelligence, leadership training, and mentorship programs.

The Krokit Club also aims to have a positive impact on the wider society. With each new membership, a percentage of the fee will be set aside to fund entrepreneurial education in developing countries, directly supporting the Club’s mission to ignite entrepreneurial spirit worldwide.

Membership applications are open starting today for entrepreneurs and executives globally who are passionate about making a significant impact in their industries and want to be a part of an influential international network.

Welcome to Krokit Club – the global hub for entrepreneurial and executive excellence.

To learn more about the Krokit Club or to apply for membership, visit https:/krokitclub.com/en/

About Krokit Club:

Krokit Club is an international association of entrepreneurs and executives, aimed at fostering a vibrant community and providing unrivaled opportunities for networking, collaboration, and professional development. It provides a unique platform for global business leaders to connect, learn, and collaborate for collective growth and positive change. Learn more at krokitclub.com/en/

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