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“Devoted to Global Gem Philanthropy” Anthony Tsang, Kangsheng Lee, and Fan ChingHsiang officially announce the construction of “TheFutureRocks: Sequence/Realm” Art installation dedicated

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“Devoted to Global Gem Philanthropy” Anthony Tsang, Kangsheng Lee, and Fan ChingHsiang officially announce the construction of “TheFutureRocks: Sequence/Realm” Art installation dedicated

June 06
07:45 2023

During the 520 Online Valentine’s Day, Confession Day, and Global ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Care Dates, contemporary gem philanthropist Anthony Tsang, Chinese philanthropic artist Fan ChingHsiang, invited friends of philanthropy, contributors to Chinese excellent film culture, and international actor Kangsheng Lee to serve as emissaries of light and representatives of gem philanthropy pioneers in the name of love. Together, they create charitable works and unveil “The Future Rocks: The Gem Philanthropy/Charity Jewelry Action Album – ‘Sequence/Realm’ Immersive Art Theme Pop-up Installation.” They hope to inspire a multi-dimensional dialogue between gem philanthropy and love through the film career, original thinking, production origins, humanistic emotions, and spiritual mission of their philanthropic friend, Kangsheng Lee. They aim to stimulate a contemporary ecological perception of the vitality of “Sequence/Realm,” advocate for the construction of a modern culture of love through expressions of love and other means, and care for ME/CFS chronic fatigue. They aim to practice the philanthropic concept of “illuminating the future, caring from the heart, shining for love” and explore the true meaning of love. This event is a tribute to the holiday and will be officially launched at the Jing’an Kerry Center in Shanghai.

Lan Kuo Chuan, representative of the ME/CFS Urban Slow Living Charity Project, expressed gratitude for the launch of “The Future Rocks: The Gem Philanthropy/Charity Jewelry Action Album – ‘Sequence/Realm’ Immersive Art Theme Pop-up Installation” during the global ME/CFS Chronic Fatigue Care Dates. They appreciate the targeted support provided by this initiative to the ME/CFS Urban Slow Living Charity Project, which aims to care for global ME/CFS chronic fatigue and promote awareness of urban physical and mental health. The charity project has also invited friends of philanthropy such as Shermine Shahrivar, Chen Mingzhen, Zhou Haimeng, Zhu Lin, Tang Zawayning, and Li Yanjun to use public advocacy and education to promote a correct understanding of “ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)” and raise awareness about the ecological issues and life care related to post-recovery fatigue in COVID-19 patients. They aim to practice the essence of philanthropy and cultivate a culture of love during the holiday season. Together, they strive to build a sustainable organic green and healthy consciousness. This is also the world’s first gem philanthropy project dedicated to spreading love for ME/CFS chronic fatigue, receiving support and response from the international philanthropic action group, Millions Missing.

Anthony Tsang, the founder of contemporary gem philanthropy, shared in a media interview: he hopes to convey three key inspirations of love during the holiday season, which are “creativity,” “innovation,” and “creation.” These inspirations come from gem philanthropy, and he hopes that modern individuals can use the “thought of love” in their lives to create a more ecologically beneficial understanding of “all aspects of love.” Regarding the “items of love, actions of love” on the 520 holiday, Anthony Tsang, as the founder of contemporary gem philanthropy, was invited by the media to share his inspiration from the world-renowned literary work “Søren Kierkegaard: The Items of Love, The Actions of Love.” He expressed his gratitude and shared that it stemmed from his “wedding ring.” From the day of his marriage until now, he has always carried it with him, regardless of the time or place. It is like a part of his life, spirit, and thoughts, and he advocates for love to be present in every stage, condition, and relationship of life, just like the spirit of love in the creation of “Sequence/Realm.” He practices the love of the holiday season, and this is also the mission and responsibility of gem philanthropy towards love in society.

Regarding the “520 and Items of Love,” Ray Cheng, co-founder of The Future Rocks, shared with the design team: The “wonder box_miracle_Jewelry Beloved Gift Box” is released on this year’s 520 holiday to pay tribute to love’s essence. The design inspiration comes from Warm, Wave, Only, Neat, Destiny, Elegant, and Radiant, forming the “w-o-n-d-e-r box_miracle Beloved Gift Box.” Through the spirit of design, it conveys the power of love in the modern era, cares for ME/CFS chronic fatigue, and dedicates to fostering positive emotional connections between people in “Sequence/Realm.” The “wonder box_miracle_Jewelry Beloved Gift Box” also plans to launch the “LOVE Star Charity Program,” inviting friends of philanthropy and stars of charity to collaborate on creating a microfilm with the same title. This aims to put into practice the concept of “Items of Love, Actions of Love” shared by Anthony Tsang, the founder of contemporary gem philanthropy, and to create more relationships of love and miraculous moments in life.

Speaking of the resonance between gem philanthropy and charitable films, Kangsheng Lee, the Golden Award-winning actor recently honored at the Cannes Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival, North American Film Exhibition, New York “New Directors/New Films” Film Festival, etc., in his dedicated global urban love campaign and performance work “Snow Cloud,” shared: “Gems and films” both stem from artistic origins and bring forth a beautiful and wonderful culture to life. Gems resemble the texture and essence of film production, and the editing of a film is like the facets of a gem. Each person’s life journey is akin to a film, and each stage is like a gem, offering different beautiful imagery and positive meanings to life. As the first international cultural worker in the film industry, Kangsheng Lee was invited to dedicate himself to “TheFutureRocks: Gem Philanthropy Action” as a means to care for global ME/CFS chronic fatigue and advocate for modern physical and mental health awareness. He cultivates a genuine, virtuous, and beautiful artistic life, just like the film “Sequence/Realm” in a contemporary gem philanthropy movie.

Fan ChingHsiang, the producer of charitable albums and philanthropic initiatives, shared in an interview the philanthropic ideals of two philanthropic friends: One of the concepts behind gem philanthropy, initiated by Anthony Tsang, the founder of contemporary gem philanthropy, is that everyone appreciates the beauty brought by gems, and everyone has the ability to experience, contemplate, and put into action the spirit of gems, spreading their radiance in every moment of life. With this spirit, they actively care for the ME/CFS chronic fatigue community, environmental ecology, public health, and any individual or group in need of love and positive energy, embodying the cultural essence that gem philanthropy strives for.

Fan ChingHsiang’s long-time philanthropic friend, the international award-winning actor Kangsheng Lee, has initiated the construction of a charitable film culture. In recent years, he has been involved in various global charitable initiatives, including ME/CFS urban slow living, FJ Philanthropic Vanguard, and ongoing worldwide love-spreading campaigns. Wherever he is present, it seems to be the birthplace of philanthropic film culture. His belief is that whether one is a filmmaker or a film enthusiast, everyone can contribute to modern ecological positive thinking and the power of life through their engagement with film culture. Each individual can also be a dedicated contributor to philanthropic filmmaking under the spotlight because they have the ability to inherit, nurture, and promote excellent Chinese-language film culture. Furthermore, due to this honorable mission, they will undoubtedly shine with the radiance of love, just like a gem under the spotlight.

In the final interview, representatives from the production team of “The Future Rocks: Sequence/Realm Immersive Art Flash Installation” shared their thoughts. They expressed their hope that through the initiatives of contemporary gemstone philanthropy led by Anthony Tsang, the dedication of international award-winning actor Kangsheng Lee to philanthropic film culture, and the philanthropic works created by Chinese artist Fan ChingHsiang, they can collectively promote the significance of the 520 Online Valentine’s Day and Confession Day, raise awareness about love, and care for global ME/CFS chronic fatigue and socially vulnerable groups. They aim to embody the spirit of gemstone philanthropy, fulfill the social responsibility of Chinese philanthropic projects, and continue the global city tour of the album, works, and installations. Together, they strive to build the concept of “The Future Rocks: Caring from the Heart” and the true meaning of love in gemstone philanthropy.

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