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Orderly Network Introduces Groundbreaking Omnichain SDK: Rapid Perpetual Protocol Development with Built-in Liquidity

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Orderly Network Introduces Groundbreaking Omnichain SDK: Rapid Perpetual Protocol Development with Built-in Liquidity

December 06
11:21 2023
Orderly Network’s Omnichain SDK facilitates rapid development of omnichain-enabled PERP DEXs for builders

Orderly Network, an innovative layer that serves both as an omnichain trading infrastructure and an app-chain, offering advanced trading tools and plug-in liquidity – is excited to unleash the Orderly Omnichain SDK, crafted meticulously ‘for devs by devs’. This toolkit is a canvas for developers, enabling them to effortlessly craft powerful protocols and innovative trading instruments. With its intuitive design and enhanced capabilities, the SDK allows developers to focus on creativity and efficiency. This particular SDK is built for the EVM community, as part of Orderly’s omnichain expansion. Previously they SDK was only available on NEAR protocol. Orderly already has several DEX’s as well as CEX’s using their infrastructure to power perps.

Designed for Developers, Tailored for Innovation

The Orderly Omnichain SDK offers a robust and expansive platform tailored for EVM developers, streamlining the creation of perpetual protocols and sophisticated trading tools. This toolkit is akin to a plug-and-play set, offering the flexibility and simplicity of Lego blocks. It empowers developers to construct orderbook-based Perp DEX with precision and ease, significantly reducing development time and effort for web3 teams.

Key features include data fetching, smart contract interaction, account & asset management, orderbook and market data access, and order & position management. Targeted primarily at developers, this SDK simplifies complex tasks, allowing developers to focus on innovation and accelerate product development – serving as an invaluable resource for developers and dApp creators seeking to integrate advanced Orderly functionalities into their applications.

Simplified Integration for EVM Builders

Integration is simplified with a comprehensive suite of webhooks, making the Orderly SDK a one-stop solution for diverse development needs. Orderly Network also provides extensive documentation offering technical details, code samples, and use case examples, alongside a responsive AI chatbot support for immediate query resolution.The Orderly Omnichain SDK is a significant asset for EVM developers, seamlessly merging powerful capabilities with user-friendly design. It revolutionizes the creation of perpetual protocols and advanced trading tools, offering a level of simplicity and flexibility.

This toolkit is set to significantly reduce development time for decentralized trading tools. It’s an essential tool for web3 teams, streamlining development processes and paving the way for innovative, efficient DeFi solutions.

Accessibility and Future Plans

The SDK will be made accessible via Orderly’s GitHub in the coming days and will be announced on all social platforms. Comprehensive tutorials and in-depth documentation are slated also for release.

Orderly’s Omnichain SDK currently supports TypeScript as their initial offering. However, the protocol plans to expand language support to Python and Java, reflecting the diverse needs of the developer community. Its roadmap includes additional documentation, enhanced functionalities, and broader language support, signaling Orderly Network’s commitment to continuous innovation.

Orderly actively encourages developers to join their Discord channel for personalized support and guidance from their experienced developer team. Additionally, they invite developers to participate in their hackathons, offering opportunities for hands-on experience, collaboration, and innovation in a dynamic and supportive environment.

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