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The real king of the coin circle – Im Video

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The real king of the coin circle – Im Video

September 13
00:50 2019

The rapid development of blockchain technology has created a diverse array of blockchain worlds and systems that are not inter-connected and lack interaction with the underlying scenarios, thus affecting the effective connection between the real world and the blockchain world. How to connect the distributed, decentralized world of the blockchain with the existing centralized world based on the diversified blockchain ecology, and realize the connection between the blockchain and the future, which is the goal pursued by the new generation blockchain network.

The blockchain gives us the opportunity to solve the problems of the centralized social platform and truly open the content of the king’s dividend era. In the above context, the social chain video chain (Social contact video chain) was born (“SVC”), a social video ecosystem platform based on blockchain construction of distributed smart contracts, the social video chain is the district. The social video chain is a blockchain data connector.

SVC (called “social video chain”) is the underlying base chain and protocol for the next generation of blockchain value Internet, aiming to achieve 3 major connections(chain-to-chain connection, chain and centralized connection, chain-to-chain value connection) based on 5 dimensions (video subject, video trust, video value, video distribution and video scene), and specific 10 core technology routes have been developed for this to make the blockchain world interconnected and inclusive. The core members of the social video chain come from the world’s top scientific and financial organizations and institutions, NASA, WikiLeaks, Google, Morgan Stanley, ABN Amro, and Bank of Germany etc. Have a deep understanding and interpretation of the development of science and technology, society, and the life cycle.As the blockchain gradually becomes the key to the future world order, the ultimate goal of exploring the future blockchain world is the original intention of social video chain construction.

The decentralization of the blockchain gives us the opportunity to solve the shortcomings of centralization and give the benefits to the users. The im Video, supported by the blockchain, came into being.

Im Video will create an open community as a media distribution framework designed to use the power of free markets to redistribute value to content creators, reviewers, consumers, and to motivate good community development.

Im Video is based on the effective flow certification mechanism, using a variety of mining models, such as publishing video mining, likes and rewards mining and promotion mining, etc. Users can do live broadcasts, send short videos, and build forums. In the live section, there is a physical store embedded in it, which can directly sell goods online. Users can use SVC coins for online payment and cross-border payment to realize payment media interoperability of payment scenarios.

Im Video builds a variety of dimensions such as community, video, citation, advertisers, video publishers, etc, allowing many blockchain networks and systems to connect with them, allowing the decentralized centralization dimension to merge with each other. Ultimately, it connects efficiently and conveniently to the community, users, members, advertisers, etc.

Im Video, a link to link future blockchain data.

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